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Dr. M. Sheehy Skeffington

Dr. M. Sheehy Skeffington

Women's Rights Activist

Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington is Hanna and Francis Sheehy Skeffington’s granddaughter.  They both were very active at the beginning of the 20th century campaigning for women’s suffrage, as well as for an independent socialist Ireland. 

Micheline, a recently retired Plant Ecology lecturer, won a case in November 2014 against her employer, NUI Galway, for gender discrimination in failing to promote her to Senior Lecturer. She taught there for 34 years and took the case when only one woman (out of 17) was promoted in the 2008/2009 round of promotions to Senior Lecturer. She says her grandparents’ –and parents’– memory inspired her to keep up the battle against injustice.

She is currently engaged, with help from many students, staff and outside supporters, in a campaign to redress the gender imbalance in senior posts in NUI Galway, specifically for five female staff deemed eligible like herself in 2009, but not promoted.