Beyond Borders Bookclub

The Beyond Borders Book Club 2018-2019

The Beyond Borders Book Club takes place once a month on Thursday evenings for four months during the winter of 2018/19.  Clare based poet Sarah Clancy interviews a different presenter each evening about the book they have chosen and hosts a panel discussion with the presenters at the Ennis Book Club Festival 1st - 3rd March 2019. It’s an opportunity to hear about some great books from other places and cultures in an informal and relaxed environment. All events are free and all are welcome.


Malgorzata Buchalik

The Star Diaries by Stanislaw Lem 'The Star Diaries' is a collection of short stories about a space traveller written between 1950's to 70's. It is very varied in style, full of humour, pungent satire, philosophy and technological visions that later have become reality.

William Wohlgemuth

37 Poems by Gyorgy FaIudy Gyorgy FaIudy, a Hungarian poet, was considered the "Ulysses of twentieth century Hungarian poetry".  Hungarian and other European traditions mingle within his poetry which, together with his life story, provide a record of the turbulent 20th century. 



Deirdre Yelverton

Bosman by Herman Charles These slyly simple stories of the unforgiving South African Transvaal reveal a little-described world of Afrikaner life in the late 19th Century. Leading oral tradition by the hand into a territory all his own, Bosman maps a world at once lucid and layered, distant yet powerfully familiar.

Evgeny Shtorn

In the best traditions of Russian novel, this book combines everything - philosophical essays, historical documents, oral history, dialogs and poetical description of nature and everyday life.