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Niamh Ennis

Niamh Ennis

Niamh spends her days, mentoring and working closely with women who simply want to make real Transformation in their lives. She simply believes that so many of us deserve and want more from our lives but not everyone knows how to get it or where to start. 

In her work, Niamh reveals her own very personal and unique experience with Change, in particular with the Change nobody wants in her writings and in her daily work. She also shares the tools and skills that ensure Transformation in her workshops, her one to one private coaching and in her podcast 'The Changing Room'.

Change is altering what we do; transformation is changing who we are.

She comes to all of this having had a successful 25+ years in the PR, Fundraising and Communications world.

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill