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Sharon Cahir

Sharon Cahir

As an award-winning solicitor, co-author of Success University for Women series, and personal & leadership coach, Sharon Cahir is known as an intuitive connector of people, information and opportunities.

Sharon is a captivating speaker and uses storytelling and weaves in own experiences to influence change, empower and inspire others to play at their highest level in leadership and life.

With over three decades of experience in leadership and law Sharon works closely with individuals and families creating succession plans and implementing them on death. As a facilitator of transformational programmes for Family Carers Ireland, The Irish Hospice Foundation, Active Ireland, Probus and Clare Older Peoples Council, Sharon champions communication and demonstrates how creating change is underpinned by understanding not only family values but one’s own personal values. Integral to change and leading from the inside out is understanding our deeply held values so mastering your integrity, authenticity and being committed to something bigger than yourself is key.

Things do not change; We change. 
Henry David Thoreau