Children & Young People's Programme

Blazing a Trail and Dare to Dream Relaxed Event

Blazing a Trail and Dare to Dream Relaxed Event

Interactive Workshop with award-winning children’s writer,
Sarah Webb

Relaxed Workshop Age 8+

Date: Saturday 7th March
Time: 3.30pm – 4.15pm
Ticket Price: Free
Venue: Studio at glór

Find out about some of Ireland’s most remarkable women and men in this interactive event which includes history, dressing up and acting, especially adapted to suit children with additional needs. First Sarah will talk about what it means to be brave. Then she will introduce some of the remarkable people from Irish history who feature in her latest books: from ground-breaking 19th doctor, Dr James Barry (aka Margaret Ann Bulkley), to Antarctic explorer and Kerry man, Tom Crean. The families will dress up as some of the historic figures and act out a short scene from their lives. All optional! They will then dictate or write their own poem or story about being brave, or draw a picture about being brave.

Relaxed events are intended for children who may struggle with their sensory environment. They are designed so they can access and enjoy the arts in a stress-free environment. Events have smaller numbers and there is a very relaxes attitude to noise and movement.

This event is kindly sponsored by Supermac's