EBCF 2020 Events

Michael Murphy and Ciana Campbell

The Ministry of Dreams: Michael Murphy and Ciana Campbell

Date: Saturday 7th March
Time: 10am  
Ticket Price: €10/€8
Venue: Banner Suite, Old Ground Hotel

Michael Murphy is a well-known broadcaster, psychoanalyst, lecturer and author. He has published two best-selling memoirs, two books of poetry, and an analysis of contemporary Irish dreams. The Irish Independent has described him as “an author of importance”.

His latest work The Ministry of Dreams - Collected Poems was published in November. With presenter Ciana Campbell, Michael will be performing poems from this collection.  The subject of this powerful new collection is human nature. Michael writes accessible and engaging poetry that speaks to our experience of modern life. With defiantly insightful wit and humour, he explores themes of identity, love,  death, sexuality, religion and language, in poems that move the heart with deep emotion and appeal to the intellect through their wisdom. Running throughout each poem is a proud affirmation of life and a steadfast belief in the transcendence and sacredness of love.

Dr. Jeannine Woods, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, NUI Galway wrote:

"Those of us fortunate to have heard Michael use his voice to perform his poems... appreciate the bravura of duende's artistic daring and grace when delivered by a master poet with an Irish accent."