EBCF 2020 Events

Sing to Connect with Maria Woods

Sing to Connect with Maria Wood

Date: Sunday 8th March
Time: 10am
Price: Free but ticketed
Venue: Old Ground Hotel/Maguire Suite

How do we draw out our own authentic voices? As a singer, a speaker, a poet, a writer and most importantly as a day to day human being, how do we find the well spring of our experiences and wisdom and give it a path, an exit point so that it may be savoured by our community.

Learn how to connect with your own ordinary voice. Learn to spot the moments of beauty within your imperfections. Maria Wood of singtoconnect.com will lead you through fun exercises and very simple community songs which will uplift and inspire and hopefully encourage you to value the depths of your own voice as it is now.

This is for total non-singers and advanced singers alike.

Maria specialises in working with people who have been previously told to stop singing or who have never tried to sing, while also helping experienced singers to connect with their story and the authenticity of their voices more easily.